GF 2017 Experts

  • Michael John Page

    Michael John Page

    Provost, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Bentley University

  • Emil Pain

    Emil Pain

    Head, Center for Extremism and Xenophobia Studies, Institute of Sociology, the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Nadezhda Pakhomova

    Nadezhda Pakhomova

    Deputy Head, Laboratory, St. Petersburg State University

  • Guillermo Palao Moreno

    Guillermo Palao Moreno

    Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Cooperation, University of Valencia

  • Judith Pallot

    Judith Pallot

    Emeritus Professor, Oxford University

  • Elena Panina

    Elena Panina

    Member, State Duma Committee for Foreign Affairs

  • Dmitry Pankin

    Dmitry Pankin

    Head, Executive Board, Eurasian Development Bank

  • Lyudmila Panteleeva

    Lyudmila Panteleeva

    Head, Art Banking Center, Gazprombank JSC

  • Chris Papageorgiou

    Chris Papageorgiou

    Deputy Division Chief, The International Monetary Fund

  • Sergey Parinov

    Sergey Parinov

    Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Larisa Pautova

    Larisa Pautova

    Managing Director, Public Opinion Fund

  • Prokopis Pavlopoulos

    Prokopis Pavlopoulos

    President of Greece

  • Yaroslav Pavlov

    Yaroslav Pavlov

    Director of iMBA Program, Institute of Business and Business Administration, RANEPA

  • Valeriya Pavlyukovskaya

    Valeriya Pavlyukovskaya

    Partner, Russia and the CIS, IMD

  • Fedor Pekhterev

    Fedor Pekhterev

    Director General, Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Development OJSC

  • Vanderlei Perez Canhos

    Vanderlei Perez Canhos

    President and Director, Reference Center on Environmental Information (CRIA)

  • Grace Perez-Navarro

    Grace Perez-Navarro

    Deputy Director, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD

  • Elena Perminova

    Elena Perminova

    Member, the Federation Council

  • Dmitry Peskov

    Dmitry Peskov

    Director, Direction "Young Professionals", Agency for Strategic Initiatives

  • Yury Petrov

    Yury Petrov

    Professor, Director, Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Nikolay Petrov

    Nikolay Petrov

    Head, Laboratory for Regional Development Assessment Methods, National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Marina Petrova

    Marina Petrova

    CEO, Leader Business Group

  • Alexey Petrovsky

    Alexey Petrovsky

    Analyst, Rambler & Co Holding

  • Grigori Petushkov

    Grigori Petushkov

    Chairman, National Preparatory Committee, World Festival of Youth and Students-2017

  • Mikolaj Pindelski

    Mikolaj Pindelski

    PRME CEE Chapter Board Member

  • Olga Pirozhenko

    Olga Pirozhenko

    Director, the Russian-Spanish Education and Cooperation Center, RANEPA

  • Christopher A. Pissarides

    Christopher A. Pissarides

    Regius Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics

  • Katharina Pistor

    Katharina Pistor

    Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law, Columbia University; Director, Center on Global Legal Transformation

  • Yevgeniy Plaksenov

    Yevgeniy Plaksenov

    Head, Finance, Payments and E-Commerce Chair, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

  • Sergey Platonov

    Sergey Platonov

    Deputy Director of the Financial Policy Department at the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Natalia Plotnikova

    Natalia Plotnikova

    Expert, Center for Strategic Developments

  • Nikolay Podguzov

    Nikolay Podguzov

    Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Tatiana Podolskaya

    Tatiana Podolskaya

    Consultant, Center for Advanced Human Resource Technologies, RANEPA

  • Dmitri Podolski

    Dmitri Podolski

    Director, Center for Contemporary Professional Technologies, RANEPA

  • Vitaly Podolsky

    Vitaly Podolsky

    Managing Partner, FMF Capital; Member, Board of Directors, PJSC Cherkizovo Group

  • Natalia Podsosonnaya

    Natalia Podsosonnaya

    Administrative Board Chairperson, Russian Venture Investment Association; General Manager, Sberinvest Management Company CJSC

  • Yevgeny Politov

    Yevgeny Politov

    Director, Corporate Institute of Gazprom

  • Paul Polman

    Paul Polman

    CEO, Unilever Group

  • Oleg Polumordvinov

    Oleg Polumordvinov

    Head, Administration of Municipal Entity “The City of Astrakhan”

  • Konstantin Polunin

    Konstantin Polunin

    Partner and Managing Director, BCG Moscow Office

  • Sergey Polyakov

    Sergey Polyakov

    General Director, Innovation Promotion Fund

  • Alexey Ponomarev

    Alexey Ponomarev

    Vice-President, Strategy and Relations with industry, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skolkovo Tech)

  • Anatoli Popov

    Anatoli Popov

    Senior Vice-President, Sberbank of Russia

  • Vladimir Popov

    Vladimir Popov

    Deputy Governor, Kaluga Region

  • Andrey Portansky

    Andrey Portansky

    Professor, National Research University Higher School of Economics, OECD

  • Alexei Potapkin

    Alexei Potapkin

    Advisor to the Rector, Moscow State University of Management under the Government of Moscow

  • Gregory Potapov

    Gregory Potapov

    General Director, Pharmstandart

  • Sam Potolicchio

    Sam Potolicchio

    Professor, RANEPA; Founder and President, Preparing Global Leaders Foundation

  • Natalia Prakht

    Natalia Prakht

    Director, the HR Evaluation Center, ANO Corporate Academy of State Corporation Rosatom

  • Monica Prasad

    Monica Prasad

    Professor, Northwestern University (USA)

  • Vadim Prasov

    Vadim Prasov

    Vice-President, Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia; General Manager, Alliance Hotel Management

  • Aleksey Prazdnichnykh

    Aleksey Prazdnichnykh

    Head, “Spatial Development “ Direction, Center for Strategic Developments

  • Sergey Prikhodko

    Sergey Prikhodko

    Executive Director, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

  • Vladimir Pritupov

    Vladimir Pritupov

    Deputy Governor, Altai Territory

  • Irina Prokhorenko

    Irina Prokhorenko

    Leading Research Fellow, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Mikhail Pryadilnikov

    Mikhail Pryadilnikov

    Deputy Director, Analytical Center of the Government of the Russian Federation

  • Danica Purg

    Danica Purg

    President, IEDC-Bled School of Management; President, CEEMAN