Forum Experts 2018

  • Victor Machekhin

    Victor Machekhin

    Head, Tax Practice, Linklaters Russia; Vice-President International Fiscal Association

  • Ejan Mackaay

    Ejan Mackaay

    Emeritus Professor, Law Faculty, University of Montreal

  • Vladimir Magun

    Vladimir Magun

    Head, Laboratory of Comparative Research of Collective Consciousness, Expert Institute, HSE University

  • Cécile Maisonneuve

    Cécile Maisonneuve

    President, La Fabrique de la Cité; Member of the scientific committee of the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS)

  • Andrey Makarov

    Andrey Makarov

    Chairman, Committee on Budget Issues and Taxes, State Duma of the Russian Federation

  • Tatiana Maleva

    Tatiana Maleva

    Director, Institute of Social Analysis and Forecast, RANEPA

  • Artem Malgin

    Artem Malgin

    Vice-Rector, MGIMO

  • Aleksey Malinovskiy

    Aleksey Malinovskiy

    Head, MasterCard Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia

  • Dmitriy Malkov

    Dmitriy Malkov

    Director, Centre for Scientific Communications, ITMO University

  • Nurmatbek Mambetaliev

    Nurmatbek Mambetaliev

    Head, Tax Policy Department, Eurasian Economic Commission

  • Musheg Mamikonyan

    Musheg Mamikonyan

    President, the Russian Meat Union

  • Christophe Manesse

    Christophe Manesse

    Attaché for Cooperation, Embassy of France in Russia

  • Denis Manturov

    Denis Manturov

    Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

  • Jean-François Manzoni

    Jean-François Manzoni

    President, Professor, IMD

  • Andrey Margiev

    Andrey Margiev

    Deputy Head, Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 27 for Moscow

  • Andrey Margolin

    Andrey Margolin

    Vice-Rector, RANEPA

  • Paul Matthyssens

    Paul Matthyssens

    Dean, Antwerp Management School

  • Sergey Matveev

    Sergey Matveev

    Director, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

  • Tatyana Matveeva

    Tatyana Matveeva

    Head, Office for Information Technologies, Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation

  • Oleg Matytsin

    Oleg Matytsin

    President, International University Sports Federation; Emeritus President, the Russian University Sports Union

  • Vladimir Mau

    Vladimir Mau

    Rector, RANEPA

  • Francis Anthony Aylmer Maude, Baron Maude of Horsham

    Francis Anthony Aylmer Maude, Baron Maude of Horsham

    Director, Francis Maude Associates LLP; Minister of State for Trade and Investment, the United Kingdom (2015-2016)

  • Karl Ulrich Mayer

    Karl Ulrich Mayer

    Stanley B. Resor Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Professor, Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University; Director Emeritus, Max Planck Institute of Human Development

  • Sergey Mayorov

    Sergey Mayorov

    Chairman, Board, Machine-Building Cluster, Republic of Tatarstan; General Director, National Portal of Subcontracting

  • Lyudmila Mazankova

    Lyudmila Mazankova

    Head, Child Infectional Diseases Chair, the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Training of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

  • Igor Mazilin

    Igor Mazilin

    Managing Partner, INGVARR Advisory & Trust

  • Frédéric Mazzella

    Frédéric Mazzella

    Chief Executive Officer and Founder, BlaBlaCar

  • Dan Medovnikov

    Dan Medovnikov

    Director, Institute of Innovation Management, HSE University

  • Dmitry Medvedev

    Dmitry Medvedev

    Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

  • Sergey Medvedev

    Sergey Medvedev

    Professor, HSE University

  • Oksana Medvedeva

    Oksana Medvedeva

    Head, Department of Scientific and Informational Development, RANEPA

  • Mikhail Melanyin

    Mikhail Melanyin


  • Alisa Melnikova

    Alisa Melnikova

    Director, Financial Technologies, Projects and Processes Organization Department, Central Bank of the Russian Federation

  • Ivan Merkulov

    Ivan Merkulov

    President, PIR Expo International Exhibition Project

  • Sergey Merzlyakov

    Sergey Merzlyakov

    Deputy Head, Laboratory, HSE University

  • Tim Mescon

    Tim Mescon

    Vice President, Chief Officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, AACSB International

  • Gerard Mestrallet

    Gerard Mestrallet

    Chairman, Board of Directors, ENGIE; President, Paris EUROPLACE

  • Dmitriy Mezentsev

    Dmitriy Mezentsev

    Chairman, Committee on Economic Policy, Federation Council of the Russian Federation

  • Irina Mikheeva

    Irina Mikheeva

    Head, Laboratory of Immunologic Prophylaxis, Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of the Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance

  • Nikolay Milogolov

    Nikolay Milogolov

    Senior Research Fellow, Laboratory of Tax Policy Research, RANEPA

  • Anatoliy Milukov

    Anatoliy Milukov

    Executive Vice-President, Association of the Russian Banks; Member, Presidium, NASDOBR

  • Tatyana Mineeva

    Tatyana Mineeva

    Vice-President, All-Russia Public Organization “Business Russia”

  • Alexey Minin

    Alexey Minin

    Executive Director, Deloitte Analytics Institute

  • Rustam Minnikhanov

    Rustam Minnikhanov

    President, Republic of Tatarstan

  • Sergey Mironov

    Sergey Mironov

    Head, RestConsult Restaurant Business Optimization Agency

  • Mikhail Mishustin

    Mikhail Mishustin

    Head, Federal Tax Service

  • Nikita Mkrtchan

    Nikita Mkrtchan

    Leading Research Fellow, Institute of Social Analysis and Forecast, RANEPA

  • Stanislav Mogilevskiy

    Stanislav Mogilevskiy

    Director, Institute of Law and National Security, RANEPA

  • Alexey Moiseev

    Alexey Moiseev

    Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Pierre Jean Louis Achille Morel

    Pierre Jean Louis Achille Morel

    Ambassador; co-President on the Part of the French Republic, Dialogue of Trianon

  • Sergey Morozov

    Sergey Morozov

    Governor, Ulyanovsk Region

  • Anna Morozova

    Anna Morozova

    Director, Centre for Corporate Programs, RANEPA

  • Igor Moskalev

    Igor Moskalev

    Director, Centre for Monitoring of the Quality of Educational Services Programs, Assistant Professor, Anti-Crisis Regulation and Risks Management Chair, RANEPA

  • Andrey Movchan

    Andrey Movchan

    Director, Economic Policy Program, Carnegie Moscow Center

  • Mikhail Murashko

    Mikhail Murashko

    Head, Federal Service for Supervision over Healthcare

  • Alexey Muratov

    Alexey Muratov

    Head, Area Development Strategy Department, Partner, Strelka KB

  • Alexander Murychev

    Alexander Murychev

    Executive Vice-President, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs; Member, Presidium, NASDOBR

  • Elena Myakotnikova

    Elena Myakotnikova

    Corporate Director, Agency for Strategic Initiatives

  • Sergey Myasoedov

    Sergey Myasoedov

    Vice-Rector, Director, Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA; President, RABE

  • Kai Mykkänen

    Kai Mykkänen

    Minister for Foreign Trade and Development of the Republic of Finland