GF 2017 Experts

  • Pavel Kabat

    Pavel Kabat

    Director General and CEO, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria

  • Pavel Kadochnikov

    Pavel Kadochnikov

    President, Center for Strategic Research Foundation (CSR)

  • Sergey Kadochnikov

    Sergey Kadochnikov

    Director, the National Research University Higher School of Economics Campus in St. Peterburg

  • Veniamin Kaganov

    Veniamin Kaganov

    Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

  • Igor Kagramanyan

    Igor Kagramanyan

    First Deputy Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

  • Eva Kaili

    Eva Kaili

    Member, European Parliament

  • Kerstin Kaiser

    Kerstin Kaiser

    Head, Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Russia

  • Sergey Kalendzhyan

    Sergey Kalendzhyan

    Dean, Graduate School of Corporate Management, RANEPA

  • Isaak Kalina

    Isaak Kalina

    Minister of the Moscow Government, Head, Moscow Department of Education

  • Alexander Kalinin

    Alexander Kalinin

    President, the All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Opora Russia

  • Alexei Kalinin

    Alexei Kalinin

    Director, Institute for the Study of Developing Markets, SKOLKOVO

  • Nikolay Kalmykov

    Nikolay Kalmykov

    Director, the Expert-Analytical Center, RANEPA

  • Vadim Kalukhov

    Vadim Kalukhov

    Director, Department for Financial Technologies, Projects and Organization of Processes, Central Bank of Russia

  • Sergey Kanavsky

    Sergey Kanavsky

    Executive Director, SCO Business Council

  • Larisa Karanatova

    Larisa Karanatova

    Dean, Higher School of Civil Service, North-West Institute of Management, RANEPA St. Petersburg

  • Marina Karban

    Marina Karban

    Director, Department of Corporate Programmes, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

  • Alexander Karlin

    Alexander Karlin

    Governor, Altay Territory

  • Elena Kartasheva

    Elena Kartasheva

    General Director, Abbott Laboratories

  • Vasily Kashin

    Vasily Kashin

    Senior Researcher, Center for Comprehensive European and Global Studies, the National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Valery Katkalo

    Valery Katkalo

    Dean, Sberbank Corporate University; Vice-President, EFMD

  • Alexey Katkov

    Alexey Katkov

    President, Sistema Venture Capital

  • Sergey Katyrin

    Sergey Katyrin

    President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

  • Maria Kazakova

    Maria Kazakova

    Head, Department for Economic Growth Studies, RANEPA

  • Oleg Kazakovtsev

    Oleg Kazakovtsev

    Member, the Federation Council - Deputy Chairman, Science, Education and Culture Committee

  • Peter Kaznacheev

    Peter Kaznacheev

    Director, Centre for Resource Economics, RANEPA

  • Aleksey Kedrin

    Aleksey Kedrin

    Vice-President, Public Authorities and Corporate Relations, Eastern Europe, Baltika Brewery Company

  • Sergey Kehlbach

    Sergey Kehlbach

    Chairman of the Board, State Company “Russian Highways”

  • Igor Kekhter

    Igor Kekhter

    Vice-President, Association of Small Tourist Towns in Russia

  • Kairat Kelimbetov

    Kairat Kelimbetov

    President, Astana International Financial Center; Chairman, National Bank of Kazakhstan (2013-2015)

  • Jeffrey Kemprecos

    Jeffrey Kemprecos

    Executive Director, Emerging Markets Public Policy MSD

  • John Ketchum

    John Ketchum

    Senior Vice-President and Region Head, Emerging Growth Markets, Novartis Oncology

  • Dmitry Khalilov

    Dmitry Khalilov

    Partner, Life Sciences Leader in Russia and the CIS, EY

  • Alexey Kharin

    Alexey Kharin

    First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, GUTA Holding Company

  • Oleg Kharkhordin

    Oleg Kharkhordin

    Rector, European University at St. Petersburg

  • Tereza Khechoyan

    Tereza Khechoyan

    Vice-Rector, the Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia

  • Irina Khovavko

    Irina Khovavko

    Senior Researcher, Chair of Environmental Economics, Economic Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Michael Khromov

    Michael Khromov

    Senior Research Fellow, Laboratory of Structural Studies, RANEPA

  • Peter Kiryushin

    Peter Kiryushin

    Head, Master's Program "Management of Biotechnology," Economics Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Roman Kisel

    Roman Kisel

    Professor of Economics at the University of Warmia and Mazury

  • Vaclav Klaus

    Vaclav Klaus

    President, Václav Klaus Institute; President, Czech Republic (2003-2013)

  • Andrei Klepach

    Andrei Klepach

    Deputy Chairman, Vnesheconombank (Chief Economist)

  • Vladimir Klimanov

    Vladimir Klimanov

    Head, Chair for State Economic Regulation, School of Public Policy, RANEPA

  • Tatiana Klyachko

    Tatiana Klyachko

    Director, the Center of Economy of Continuing Education, RANEPA

  • Vasiliy Klyucharev

    Vasiliy Klyucharev

    Director, the Center for Neuroeconomics and Cognitive Studies, the National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Alexander Knobel

    Alexander Knobel

    Director, Center for International Trade Studied

  • Vladimir Knyaginin

    Vladimir Knyaginin

    Vice-President, Center for Strategic Development

  • Alexander Kobenko

    Alexander Kobenko

    Vice Governor, Minister for Economic Development, Investment and Trade of Samara Region

  • Sergei Kochnev

    Sergei Kochnev

    Initiator, My Country – My Russia Project

  • Aleksey Kolesnikov

    Aleksey Kolesnikov

    Deputy Director, Graduate School of Public Administration, RANEPA

  • Andrey Kolesnikov

    Andrey Kolesnikov

    Member of the Board of Directors, Yegor Gaidar Foundation

  • Leonid Kolodkin

    Leonid Kolodkin

    Deputy Managing Director, SPN Communications

  • Grzegorz W. Kolodko

    Grzegorz W. Kolodko

    Professor, Kozminski University; Director, Transformation, Integration and Globalization Economic Research (TIGER); Finance Minister of Poland (1994-1997, 2002-2003)

  • Alexander Kolontay

    Alexander Kolontay

    Deputy Director, Head, General Design Association State Unitary Enterprise Research and Development Institute for the Master Plan of Moscow

  • Olga Kolotilova

    Olga Kolotilova

    Director, Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

  • Vladimir Kolychev

    Vladimir Kolychev

    Director, Budgetary Policy and Strategic Planning Department, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Vladimir Komarov

    Vladimir Komarov

    Head, Knowledge Economics Laboratory, Institute of Applied Economic Research, RANEPA

  • Natalia Komarova

    Natalia Komarova

    Governor, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra

  • Aleksey Komissarov

    Aleksey Komissarov

    Director, Industry Development Fund

  • Oleg Kondratenko

    Oleg Kondratenko

    Director, Center for Regional Development, RANEPA

  • Irina Kondratieva

    Irina Kondratieva

    Manager, National Mentoring Resource Center “Mentori”, Rybakov Foundation

  • Victor Konopatskiy

    Victor Konopatskiy

    Chairman, Chamber of Young Legislators under the Federation Council

  • Ruslan Korchagin

    Ruslan Korchagin

    Deputy Director, Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service, RANEPA

  • Yuri Korchagin

    Yuri Korchagin

    Russian Ambassador to Spain

  • Andrey Korneev

    Andrey Korneev

    Director, Department of Constitutional Legislation, Federal Relations and Local Self-Governance Development, Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

  • Natalia Kornienko

    Natalia Kornienko

    Head, Tax System Development Laboratory, RANEPA

  • Oleg Korolev

    Oleg Korolev

    Head of Administration, Lipetsk Region

  • Sergey Korolev

    Sergey Korolev

    Chairman, Public Council, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

  • Marianna Korolyova

    Marianna Korolyova

    General Manager, Premier Deal Hospitality

  • Evgeniya Korotkova

    Evgeniya Korotkova

    Officer, Department for Studying of Politics and Consultancy, Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development, OECD

  • Vladimir Korovkin

    Vladimir Korovkin

    Head, Innovation Digital Technologies, SKOLKOVO IEMS

  • Yury Kosov

    Yury Kosov

    Deputy Director, North-West Institute of Management, RANEPA (St. Petersburg)

  • Vladimir Kosteev

    Vladimir Kosteev

    Executive Director, Innovation and R&D Directors Club

  • Victor Kostin

    Victor Kostin

    First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Yaroslavl region

  • Alexandr Kostyaev

    Alexandr Kostyaev

    Director, North-Western Research Institute for Economics and Organization of Agriculture

  • Denis Kosyakov

    Denis Kosyakov

    Deputy Director, Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics

  • Laurence Kotlikoff

    Laurence Kotlikoff

    Professor, Boston University

  • Vladimir Kotlyakov

    Vladimir Kotlyakov

    Chairman of the Commission of Tourism Development of the Russian Geographical Society; Director of the Institute of Geography, the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Vladimir Kotsyubynsky

    Vladimir Kotsyubynsky

    Senior Researcher, Knowledge Economics Laboratory, RANEPA

  • Konstantin Kottsev

    Konstantin Kottsev

    Director, Department of Personnel and Corporate Development, Ministry for Economic Development of Russia

  • Andrei Kovalev

    Andrei Kovalev

    Head of Administration, Donetsk, Rostov Region

  • Aleksandr Kovalevskiy

    Aleksandr Kovalevskiy

    General Director, Institute of Budgetary Solutions

  • Vadim Kovalyov

    Vadim Kovalyov

    First Deputy Executive Director, Association of Managers; Member of the Presidium, NASDOBR

  • Assylbek Kozhakhmetov

    Assylbek Kozhakhmetov

    President, Almaty Management University

  • Oksana Kozlovskaya

    Oksana Kozlovskaya

    Chairperson, Legislative Duma of the Tomsk region

  • Sergey Kravets

    Sergey Kravets

    Executive Editor, Great Russian Encyclopedia; Head, Church-and-Scholarly Center “Orthodox Encyclopedia”

  • Sergey Kravtsov

    Sergey Kravtsov

    Head, Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science

  • Thomas Krichel

    Thomas Krichel

    Founder, RePEc (electronic library on Economics)

  • Ilya Krivogov

    Ilya Krivogov

    General Manager, Foundation for the Development of Single-Industry Towns

  • Konstantin Krotov

    Konstantin Krotov

    First Deputy Director, Higher School of Management, St. Petersburg State University

  • Elmira Krylatykh

    Elmira Krylatykh

    Head, Chair of Management, RANEPA; Scientific Adviser, International Center for Agribusiness and Commodity Security

  • Christina Kryuchkova

    Christina Kryuchkova

    Head, Legal Department, Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences

  • Polina Kryuchkova

    Polina Kryuchkova

    Deputy Head, Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow

  • Dusan Kucera

    Dusan Kucera

    Tutor, International School of Business and Management, University of Economics

  • Alexey Kudrin

    Alexey Kudrin

    Chairman of the Board, Center for Strategic Research Foundation (CSR)

  • Mark Kukushkin

    Mark Kukushkin

    Managing Partner, BEST T&D Group

  • Vadim Kulik

    Vadim Kulik

    Deputy Chairman, Executive Board, Sberbank of Russia

  • Vadim Kulikov

    Vadim Kulikov

    Deputy General Director, Agency for Technological Development

  • Virginijus Kundrotas

    Virginijus Kundrotas

    Dean, Adizesa Business School, President, Baltic Management Association

  • Vitaly Kurennoy

    Vitaly Kurennoy

    Head, School of Cultural Studies, the National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Sergey Kusch

    Sergey Kusch

    Director, External Projects and Applied Research, Sberbank Corporate University

  • Natalia Kuvshinova

    Natalia Kuvshinova

    Deputy, State Duma

  • Igor Kuzin

    Igor Kuzin

    Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

  • Olga Kuzina

    Olga Kuzina

    Professor, the National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Yaroslav Kuzminov

    Yaroslav Kuzminov

    Rector, National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Evgeny Kuznetsov

    Evgeny Kuznetsov

    Deputy General Manager, Program Director, RVK JSC

  • Lev Kuznetsov

    Lev Kuznetsov

    Minister of North Caucasus Affairs of the Russian Federation

  • Maxim Kuznetsov

    Maxim Kuznetsov

    Vice President, Sector Market Leader, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Russia and CIS

  • Oleg Kuznetsov

    Oleg Kuznetsov

    Vice President for Projects, Finance University

  • Alexey Kvasov

    Alexey Kvasov

    Deputy Head, Experts Department, Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation

  • Vladimir Kvint

    Vladimir Kvint

    Professor, Foreign Member, the Russian Academy of Sciences