Forum Experts

  • Charles Iacovou

    Charles Iacovou

    Dean, School of Business, Wake Forest University (USA)

  • Ruslan Ibragimov

    Ruslan Ibragimov

    Vice President for Corporate and Legal Affairs, MTS PJSC

  • Georgy Idrisov

    Georgy Idrisov

    Vice-Rector, Director of the Institute of Industry Markets and Infrastructure, RANEPA

  • Vittoria Idrisova

    Vittoria Idrisova

    Vice-Rector, Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Yulia Ignatieva

    Yulia Ignatieva

    Deputy Dean, Faculty of Market Technologies, RANEPA

  • Georgy Iliev

    Georgy Iliev

    Director for Developing Markets, Director for China, AMBA

  • Svetlana Infimovskaya

    Svetlana Infimovskaya

    Head, School 21 (Sberbank)

  • Natalia Ionova

    Natalia Ionova

    Vice-President, Human Resources, Evraz Group

  • Alexander Isakov

    Alexander Isakov

    Chief Economist for Russia and CIS, VTB Capital

  • Wolfgang Ischinger

    Wolfgang Ischinger

    Chairman, Munich Security Conference

  • Dmitry Islamov

    Dmitry Islamov

    Deputy Chairman, State Duma Committee on Energy

  • Rovshan Ismayilov

    Rovshan Ismayilov

    Judge, Constitutional Court of the Azerbaijan Republic

  • Elena Ivanitskaya

    Elena Ivanitskaya

    Deputy Director, Department of Strategic Development and Innovations, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Yelena Ivankina

    Yelena Ivankina

    Professor, Department of Real Estate and Housing and Utilities Infrastructure Management, RANEPA

  • Alexey Ivanov

    Alexey Ivanov

    Director, Institute of Law and Development, Higher School of Economics - Skolkovo

  • Alexander Ivanov

    Alexander Ivanov

    President of NADT (National Association for Distance Selling)

  • Alexander Ivlev

    Alexander Ivlev

    CIS Management Partner, EY; Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA)

  • Grigory Ivliev

    Grigory Ivliev

    Director General, Federal Service for Intellectual Property

  • Lemka Izmailova

    Lemka Izmailova

    Director, National Accreditation Agency