GF 2017 Experts

  • Charles Iacovou

    Charles Iacovou

    Dean, Wake Forest University School of Business (USA)

  • Dilyara Ibragimova

    Dilyara Ibragimova

    Deputy Head, Department of Economic Sociology, the National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Alexander Idrisov

    Alexander Idrisov

    President, Strategy Partners Group

  • Georgy Idrisov

    Georgy Idrisov

    Director, Center for Real Sector, the Gaidar Institute of Economic Policy

  • Kirill Ignatiev

    Kirill Ignatiev

    Chairman, the Board of Directors, “Russian Investments” Group of Companies

  • Lyudmila Ilicheva

    Lyudmila Ilicheva

    Head, International Project “Russia – 21st Century: Politics. Economics. Culture”

  • Guzelia Imaeva

    Guzelia Imaeva

    Director General, National Agency for Financial Studies

  • Santiago Iniguez de Onzoño

    Santiago Iniguez de Onzoño

    Principal, Instituto de Empresa (IE) (online)

  • Hieromonk Ioannes

    Hieromonk Ioannes

    Vice-Rector, Education, Saints Cyril and Methodius All-Church Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies; Director, Religion and Society Center, RANEPA

  • Aleksandr Isakov

    Aleksandr Isakov

    Lead Economist for Russia and CIS, VTB Capital

  • Evelina Ishmetova

    Evelina Ishmetova

    Consulting Director at KEY CAPITAL; the Chairman of the Expert Redevelopment Council at the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers

  • Edil Islamov

    Edil Islamov

    Director General, Investment and Innovation Development Agency of the Republic of Chechnya

  • Elena Ivankina

    Elena Ivankina

    Head, Institute of Industry Management, RANEPA

  • Igor Ivanov

    Igor Ivanov

    President, Russian International Affairs Council

  • Alexander Ivanov

    Alexander Ivanov

    President, National Association of Distance Selling NPO

  • Andrey Ivanov

    Andrey Ivanov

    Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Dmitri Ivanov

    Dmitri Ivanov

    Innovation Development Director, Saturn

  • Valeri Ivanov

    Valeri Ivanov

    President, International Academy of Business and New Technologies

  • Alexander Ivanovsky

    Alexander Ivanovsky

    First Vice-Rector, the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Belarus

  • Aleksandr Ivlev

    Aleksandr Ivlev

    Managing Partner for Russia, EY

  • Grigory Ivliev

    Grigory Ivliev

    Head, Federal Service for Intellectual Property