GF 2017 Experts

  • William Easterly

    William Easterly

    Co-director, Development Research Institute, New York University

  • Renat Edikhanov

    Renat Edikhanov

    Chairman, the Branch Office of Islamic Finance, the All-Russian Public Organization Business Russia

  • Albert Eganyan

    Albert Eganyan

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, InfraONE

  • Revold Entov

    Revold Entov

    Chief Research Fellow, Research Area “Macroeconomics and Finance,” Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

  • Mikhail Erenburg

    Mikhail Erenburg

    Senior Vice-President, Director, Digital Business Development Directorate, Sberbank of Russia

  • Natalia Evtikhieva

    Natalia Evtikhieva

    Director General, National Board of Business Education Quality Assessment (NASDOBR)