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  • Evgenij Danchikov

    Evgenij Danchikov

    Head, Main Accountability Office of Moscow

  • Alexander Danilin

    Alexander Danilin

    Business Development Manager, ISV Cloud Solutions Government & CityNext, Microsoft

  • Toomas Danneberg

    Toomas Danneberg

    Vice Rector for International Collaboration, Head, Business Innovation MBA Curriculum, Estonian Business School

  • Céline Davesne

    Céline Davesne

    Associate Dean for Programmes, NEOMA Business School

  • Ruslan Davydov

    Ruslan Davydov

    Deputy Head, Federal Customs Service

  • Anna Davydova

    Anna Davydova

    Project Manager, Association of Innovative Regions of Russia

  • Mitchell Dean

    Mitchell Dean

    Professor, Copenhagen Business School and Macquarie University

  • Dmitry Dedov

    Dmitry Dedov

    Judge for the Russian Federation, European Court of Human Rights

  • Tatiana Demidova

    Tatiana Demidova

    Head, Department for State Order Placement Monitoring, Federal Anti-Monopoly Service

  • Mikhail Denisenko

    Mikhail Denisenko

    Head, Demography Department, National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Georgi Derlugian

    Georgi Derlugian

    Professor of Sociology, New York University, Abu Dhabi

  • Aleksandr Deryugin

    Aleksandr Deryugin

    Senior Research Fellow, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

  • Alexei Didenko

    Alexei Didenko

    Head, State Duma Committee for Federal Organization and Local Self-Governance

  • Ilia Dimitrov

    Ilia Dimitrov

    Member, Presidium of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, “Support of Russia“; Public Ombudsman for E-commerce and Electronic Public and Municipal Services

  • Aleksey Diumin

    Aleksey Diumin

    Governor, Tula Region

  • Dmitry Dmitriev

    Dmitry Dmitriev

    Head, the Analytical Department of the VTB Capital

  • Igor Dmitriev

    Igor Dmitriev

    Director, Monetary Policy Department, Central Bank of Russia

  • Kirill Dmitriev

    Kirill Dmitriev

    CEO, Russian Direct Investment Fund

  • Mikhail Dmitriyev

    Mikhail Dmitriyev

    Chief Researcher, Center for Public Policy and Public Administration, Institute of Social Sciences, RANEPA

  • Konstantin Dolgov

    Konstantin Dolgov

    Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law, Ambassador-at-Large

  • Denis Dragunsky

    Denis Dragunsky

    Journalist, Writer

  • Vladimir Drebentsov

    Vladimir Drebentsov

    Chief Economist for Russia and CIS, BP plc; Vice President, BP Russia

  • Sergey Drobyshevsky

    Sergey Drobyshevsky

    Scientific Director, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

  • Anton Drozdov

    Anton Drozdov

    Chairman of the Board, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

  • Sergei Dubinin

    Sergei Dubinin

    Member of Supervisory Board, VTB (2011-2015), President, Bank of Russia (1995-1998)

  • Ivan Dudanov

    Ivan Dudanov

    CEO, Pogarskaya Potato Factory OJSC

  • Oleg Dukhovnotskiy

    Oleg Dukhovnotskiy

    Head, Federal Communications Agency

  • Oleg Dunaev

    Oleg Dunaev

    Deputy Chairman, International Cooperation Committee, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

  • Anna Dupan

    Anna Dupan

    Director, Institute for Problems of Legal Regulation, Faculty of Law, National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Erwan Dupuy

    Erwan Dupuy

    Director General, Saint-Gobain CIS

  • Victor Dvurechenskikh

    Victor Dvurechenskikh

    Chairman, Chamber of Control and Accounts, Moscow

  • Elsa Dyachkova

    Elsa Dyachkova

    Chief Specialist, National Personnel Training Foundation

  • Alexander Dynkin

    Alexander Dynkin

    Director, Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Aleksey Dyumin

    Aleksey Dyumin

    Governor of the Tula region