Forum Experts 2018

  • Evgeniy Danchikov

    Evgeniy Danchikov

    Head, Chief Accountability Office, Moscow

  • Alexey Danilin

    Alexey Danilin

    Head, Executive Directorate, Moscow University Hockey League

  • Alexander Dashchenko

    Alexander Dashchenko

    Head, AgroTerra Integrator Centre

  • Céline Davesne

    Céline Davesne

    Dean Associate, Neoma Business School

  • André De Rijck

    André De Rijck

    Economics and Trade Attaché, Trade and Economic Representation of the Flemish Region, Embassy of Belgium in Russia

  • Mikhail Degtyarev

    Mikhail Degtyarev

    MP, Chairman, Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs, State Duma of the Russian Federation

  • Victor Dementiev

    Victor Dementiev

    Correspondent Member, the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Tatiana Demidova

    Tatiana Demidova

    Director, Department of Budget Policy in the Contract System Sphere, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Evgeniy Demin

    Evgeniy Demin

    General Director, SPLAT

  • Georgi Derluguian

    Georgi Derluguian

    Professor, RANEPA; Professor, New York University Abu Dhabi

  • Irina Dezhina

    Irina Dezhina

    Head, Scientific and Industrial Policy Group, SkolTech; Leading Researcher, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

  • Luis Diaz-Rubio

    Luis Diaz-Rubio

    Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Janssen EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

  • Alexander Didenko

    Alexander Didenko

    Deputy Vice-Rector, Strategic Planning, Director, Business Incubator, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

  • Alexey Didenko

    Alexey Didenko

    Chairman, Committee on Federal Structure and Local Self-Governance Issues, State Duma of the Russian Federation

  • Dmitriy Didenko

    Dmitriy Didenko

    Senior Analyst, Vnesheconombank; Leading Research Fellow, RANEPA

  • Guy Dietrich

    Guy Dietrich

    Vice-President, Global Innovations, Cisco

  • Evgeniy Ditrikh

    Evgeniy Ditrikh

    First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

  • Igor Dmitriev

    Igor Dmitriev

    Director, Monetary Policy Department, Central Bank of the Russian Federation

  • Kirill Dmitriev

    Kirill Dmitriev

    General Director, Russian Direct Investment Fund

  • Denis Dragunskiy

    Denis Dragunskiy

    Journalist, Writer

  • Sergei Drobyshevskiy

    Sergei Drobyshevskiy

    Director, Research, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

  • Anton Drozdov

    Anton Drozdov

    Chairman, Board, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

  • Arnaud Dubien

    Arnaud Dubien

    Director, Franco-Russian Analytical Center “Observo” (CCI France Russie)

  • Olivier Durand-Lasserve

    Olivier Durand-Lasserve

    Economist, Russia Country Desk, Economics Department, OECD

  • Vadim Dymov

    Vadim Dymov

    Founder, Chairman, Board of Directors, Dymov