GF 2017 Experts

  • Anatoliy Chabunin

    Anatoliy Chabunin

    Vice President for Procurements, Internal Control and Audit, State Company Russian Railways

  • Archpriest Chad Hatfield

    Archpriest Chad Hatfield

    President, St. Vladimir Seminary (New York, United States)

  • Alexei Chapligin

    Alexei Chapligin

    Head, Interfax

  • Anna Chaplygina

    Anna Chaplygina

    Coordinator for the Protection of Rights of Financial Services Consumers, Project "Promotion of the Level of Financial Literacy and Financial Education in the Russian Federation"

  • Alexander Chekanskiy

    Alexander Chekanskiy

    Dean, Faculty of Strategic Management, Institute of Business Studies, RANEPA

  • Maxim Chemerisov

    Maxim Chemerisov

    Director, Department of Contractual System Development, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Nikita Cherkasenko

    Nikita Cherkasenko

    Director, Department for Staff Evaluation, Training and Development, Rostelecom

  • Pavel Chernykh

    Pavel Chernykh

    Member, National Professional Qualifications Council at the President of the Russian Federation; Member of the Hospitality Professional Qualifications Council

  • Andrei Chibis

    Andrei Chibis

    Deputy Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector of the Russian Federation

  • Vladimir Chikin

    Vladimir Chikin

    Partner, Goltsblat BLP

  • Elena Chirkovskaya

    Elena Chirkovskaya

    Director, Center for Career Assistance of Public Servants, RANEPA

  • Oleg Chistyakov

    Oleg Chistyakov

    Senior Managing Director; Director, the Internal Audit Office, Sberbank of Russia

  • Bekkhan Chokaev

    Bekkhan Chokaev

    Deputy Head, International Investment and Financial Market Research Laboratory, RANEPA; Senior Research Fellow, Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

  • Anatoly Chubais

    Anatoly Chubais

    Chairman, Executive Board, RUSNANO Management Company LLC

  • Alisa Chumachenko

    Alisa Chumachenko

    Founder, Green Garage

  • Yulia Chupina

    Yulia Chupina

    Deputy Chairperson, Sberbank of Russia

  • Svetlana Chupsheva

    Svetlana Chupsheva

    Director, Social Projects, Agency for Strategic Initiatives

  • Vladimir Companeyshchikov

    Vladimir Companeyshchikov

    Chief of Staff, Executive Office of the Governor, Omsk Region

  • Eric Cornuel

    Eric Cornuel

    Director General and CEO, EFMD

  • Jim Costanzo

    Jim Costanzo

    Global Health Sector Leader, EY