Forum Experts 2018

  • Polina Badasen

    Polina Badasen

    Director, Department of Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecast, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

  • Irina Bakhtina

    Irina Bakhtina

    Vice-President, Member, Board of Directors, Unilever

  • Evgeniy Balatskiy

    Evgeniy Balatskiy

    Head, Problems of Innovation Activity in the Higher Education System Division, the Russian Institute of Economics, Policy and Law in Scientific and Technical Sphere

  • Olga Bantsekina

    Olga Bantsekina

    Head, Representation Office, Coleman Services UK

  • Beslan Baratelia

    Beslan Baratelia

    Chairman, National Bank of the Republic of Abkhazia

  • Vera Barinova

    Vera Barinova

    Head, Laboratory of Corporate Strategies and Firm Behavior Research, RANEPA

  • Philippe Barrois

    Philippe Barrois

    Head, Corporate Affairs, Novartis

  • Igor Bartsits

    Igor Bartsits

    Director, Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service, RANEPA

  • Dmitriy Basnak

    Dmitriy Basnak

    Director, Department of State Politics in the Sphere of State and Municipal Service, Anti-Corruption, Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation

  • Andrey Baykov

    Andrey Baykov

    Vice-Rector, MGIMO

  • Alikhan Baymenov

    Alikhan Baymenov

    Chairman, Steering Committee, Regional Hub for Civil Service in Astana

  • Takhir Bazarov

    Takhir Bazarov

    Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Alexander Bedniy

    Alexander Bedniy

    Vice-Rector, Lobachevskiy Nizhegorod University

  • Gabriel Di Bella

    Gabriel Di Bella

    Resident Representative in Moscow, The International Monetary Fund

  • Oleg Belozerov

    Oleg Belozerov

    General Director – Chairman, Board, Russian Railways OJSC

  • Koen Berden

    Koen Berden

    Executive Director, International Trade Policy, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations

  • Sylvie Bermann

    Sylvie Bermann

    Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France in Russia

  • Maria Bernstein

    Maria Bernstein

    Director of Master's programs, IBS, RANEPA

  • Nikolay Berzon

    Nikolay Berzon

    Head, Federal Methodological Centre for Financial Literacy of the System of General and Secondary Vocational Education

  • Oleg Bilev

    Oleg Bilev

    Head, Project Management Centre, RANEPA

  • Xiang Bing

    Xiang Bing

    Founding Dean, Professor of China Business and Globalization, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

  • Vesselin Blagoev

    Vesselin Blagoev

    Professor, Vice Rector, Varna University of Management

  • Yuriy Blagov

    Yuriy Blagov

    Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Centre of Corporate Social Responsibility, Saint Petersburg State University

  • Laurent Blanc

    Laurent Blanc

    French Football Manager, Football Player

  • Tatyana Blinova

    Tatyana Blinova

    Auditor, Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

  • Hansjörg Blöchliger

    Hansjörg Blöchliger

    Senior Economist, Economics Department, OECD

  • Nataliya Bocharova

    Nataliya Bocharova

    Director, Department of Expert, Analytical and Control Activities in the Sphere of Federal Property Transactions, Resources of Reserve Funds of the Federal Budget and Complex Analysis of Effectiveness in Federal Contractual System Functioning, Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation

  • Tomasz Bochenek

    Tomasz Bochenek

    COO, Microsoft Russia

  • Dmitriy Bogdanov

    Dmitriy Bogdanov

    Deputy Head of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region

  • Andrey Bokarev

    Andrey Bokarev

    Director, Department of International Financial Relations, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Pierre Bordeaux

    Pierre Bordeaux

    Executive Director, Urban Strategy and Territorial Development, Strategic Forecasting and Operational Planning, Complex Projects Management and Analysis

  • Leonid Borodkin

    Leonid Borodkin

    Correspondent Member, the Russian Academy of Sciences; Head, History Informatics Chair, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Ivan Bortnik

    Ivan Bortnik

    Adviser to the General Director, Innovation Promotion Fund

  • Frank Bostyn

    Frank Bostyn

    Director, NEOMA Business School

  • Maxim Bouev

    Maxim Bouev

    Professor, European University at St Petersburg; Vice-Rector, Strategic Development, New Economic School

  • Laurent Bouillot

    Laurent Bouillot

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SIRADEL (Engie Group)

  • Alexander Braverman

    Alexander Braverman

    General Director, Chairman, Board, Federal Corporation for Small- and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship Development

  • Nikolay Briko

    Nikolay Briko

    Head, Epidemiology and Evidence-Based Medicine Chair, Department of Medicine and Prevention, Sechenov University of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

  • Arturo Bris

    Arturo Bris

    Director, IMD World Competitiveness Center

  • Igor Bukharov

    Igor Bukharov

    President, Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia; Dean, Department of Hotel and Restaurant Business, RANEPA

  • Kirill Bulatov

    Kirill Bulatov

    General Director, VEB Innovation

  • Elena Bunina

    Elena Bunina

    General Director, Yandex

  • Dmitriy Butashin

    Dmitriy Butashin

    Vice-Rector, RANEPA