GF 2017 Experts

  • Salman Babaev

    Salman Babaev

    Vice-President, Russian Railways OJSC

  • Svetlana Bachurina

    Svetlana Bachurina

    Executive Secretary, Expert Council on Urban Development Activities in the State Duma Committee for Land Relations and Construction

  • Polina Badasen

    Polina Badasen

    Deputy Director, Budgetary Policy and Strategic Planning Department, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Andrey Badin

    Andrey Badin

    Deputy Director, Project Department, Government of the Russian Federation

  • Evgeny Balatsky

    Evgeny Balatsky

    Director, Center for Macroeconomic Research, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation; Head, the Science and Technology Sector, Russian Institute of Economics, Politics and Law

  • Olga Bantsekina

    Olga Bantsekina

    Head, Representative Office of Coleman Services; Deputy Board Chairman, European Business Association

  • Artem Barakhovsky

    Artem Barakhovsky

    Director,  Center of Budget Relations Research

  • Igor Barinov

    Igor Barinov

    Head, Federal Agency for Nationalities

  • Vera Barinova

    Vera Barinova

    Head, Center for Corporate Strategies and Firm Behavior, RANEPA

  • José Manuel Barrueco

    José Manuel Barrueco

    Founder, CitEc; Open Access Projects Manager, University of Valencia

  • Igor Bartsits

    Igor Bartsits

    Director, Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service, RANEPA

  • Igor Bashmakov

    Igor Bashmakov

    Executive Director, Russian Centre for Energy Efficiency

  • Dmitry Basnak

    Dmitry Basnak

    Director, Department of the State Policy in the Public and Municipal Services, Anti-Corruption, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation

  • Alexey Basov

    Alexey Basov

    Vice President, Rostelecom PJSC

  • Tatyana Batueva

    Tatyana Batueva

    Director, Center for Special Programs and Projects, RANEPA

  • Erlan Baydaulet

    Erlan Baydaulet

    Advisor for Islamic Finance to the Minister of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Takhir Bazarov

    Takhir Bazarov

    Professor, Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Vsevolod Belikov

    Vsevolod Belikov

    Chairman, Council of Municipalities of St. Petersburg; Head, Finlyandskiy Municipal District of St. Petersburg

  • Marek Belka

    Marek Belka

    Prime Minister of Poland (2004-2005); President, the National Bank of Poland (2010-2016)

  • Gabriel Di Bella

    Gabriel Di Bella

    Resident Representative in Moscow, International Monetary Fund

  • Ekaterina Belousova

    Ekaterina Belousova

    Head, Civil Service Department, Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of the Russian Federation

  • Oleg Belozerov

    Oleg Belozerov

    President, Russian Railways OJSC

  • Tatiana Belyaeva

    Tatiana Belyaeva

    Director, Center for Universities and Alumni, Rosatom Corporate Academy

  • Andrey Belykh

    Andrey Belykh

    Researcher, RANEPA; Director, Economics Directorate, St. Petersburg Bank Branch Network

  • Josep Bertran

    Josep Bertran

    Professor, University Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

  • Nikolay Berzon

    Nikolay Berzon

    Director, Federal Methodology Center for Financial Literacy in the System of General and Secondary Professional Education

  • Khachatur Besirdzhian

    Khachatur Besirdzhian

    Vice-Rector, Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia

  • Mikhail Beskhmelnitsyn

    Mikhail Beskhmelnitsyn

    Head, Control and Analytical Service of the President, Russian Railways OJSC

  • Marina Bespalova

    Marina Bespalova

    Deputy, the State Duma

  • Vladimir Bessonov

    Vladimir Bessonov

    Head, Research Laboratory for Inflation and Economic Growth Problems, National Research University Higher School of Economics

  • Pavel Betsis

    Pavel Betsis

    President, Microsoft Rus LLC

  • Andrey Bezrukov

    Andrey Bezrukov

    Strategic Marketing Director, GS Group

  • Andrey Bezrukov

    Andrey Bezrukov

    Associate Professor, MGIMO

  • Oleg Bilev

    Oleg Bilev

    Director, Project Management Center, RANEPA

  • Veselin Blagoev

    Veselin Blagoev

    Vice Rector, Head, MBA Program, International University College of Bulgaria

  • Tatyana Blinova

    Tatyana Blinova

    Auditor, Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

  • Marina Bludyan

    Marina Bludyan

    Vice President, “Opora Rossii”

  • Sergey Bobylev

    Sergey Bobylev

    Head, Chair of Environmental Economics; Head, Center for Bio-Economy and Eco-Innovations, Economic Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Natalia Bocharova

    Natalia Bocharova

    Director, the Department for Expert-Analytical and Control Activities in the Sphere of Turnover of Federal Property, Resources of Contingency Funds of the Federal Budget and Comprehensive Analysis of the Performance of the Federal Contract System, Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

  • Vitaliy Bogachenko

    Vitaliy Bogachenko

    Director for Corporate Relations, Saint Gobain in the CIS

  • Maxim Bogdashkin

    Maxim Bogdashkin

    Principal, Oliver Wyman Financial Services

  • Andrey Bokarev

    Andrey Bokarev

    Director, Department of International Financial Relations, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

  • Ludmila Bokova

    Ludmila Bokova

    Member, the Federation Council – Deputy Chairperson, Constitutional, Legislative and Statecraft Committee

  • Alexandra Boldyreva

    Alexandra Boldyreva

    Executive Secretary, Donors Forum

  • Kirill Bolmatov

    Kirill Bolmatov

    Director, Corporate Relations, United Breweries Heineken

  • Nikolai Bondar

    Nikolai Bondar

    Judge, Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

  • Leonid Borodkin

    Leonid Borodkin

    Head, Center for Economic History of the Historical Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Klavdiya Borodulina

    Klavdiya Borodulina

    Deputy Head, Executive Office, Central Electoral Commission of Russia – Head, Department of Regional Legislation on Elections and Referendums

  • Vladimir Boronin

    Vladimir Boronin

    Director General, Ramenskoe Khleb OJSC

  • Ivan Bortnik

    Ivan Bortnik

    Adviser to the Director General, Innovation Promotion Fund

  • Frank Bostin

    Frank Bostin

    Dean, NEOMA Business School

  • Vladislav Boutenko

    Vladislav Boutenko

    Senior Partner and Managing Director, BCG Moscow Office

  • Joel Bouzou

    Joel Bouzou

    President, World Olympians Association; President and Founder, "Peace and Sport"; Advisor to H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco

  • Alexander Boytsov

    Alexander Boytsov

    Deputy Development Director, BONAVA

  • Jorge Braga de Macedo

    Jorge Braga de Macedo

    Director, Centre for Globalization and Governance, NOVA School of Business and Economics

  • Alexander Braverman

    Alexander Braverman

    General Director, Head, Executive Board, Member, Board of Directors, Federal Corporation for Small- and Middle-Sized Entrepreneurship Development

  • Laurie Bristow

    Laurie Bristow

    Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Russian Federation

  • Pavel Brusser

    Pavel Brusser

    Managing Director, Head, Infrastructure, Project & Structured Finance, Gazprombank

  • Maxim Buev

    Maxim Buev

    Dean, Faculty of Economics, European University at St. Petersburg

  • Anna Bukhalo

    Anna Bukhalo

    Head, All-Russian Public Organization Young Innovative Russia; Project Manager, Association of Innovative Regions of Russia

  • Igor Bukharov

    Igor Bukharov

    President, the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers; Dean, Hotel and Restaurant Business Department, RANEPA

  • Julia Bulatova

    Julia Bulatova

    Lecturer, RISEBA

  • Vladimir Buldakov

    Vladimir Buldakov

    Chief Researcher, Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Vera Burtseva

    Vera Burtseva

    General Director, Bureau of Technics, Chairman, Committee for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development, the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers

  • Dmitri Butashin

    Dmitri Butashin

    Vice-Rector, RANEPA; Director, Graduate School of Public Administration, RANEPA

  • Anna Butova

    Anna Butova

    Manager, HR Department, Severstal-Management; Head, Leadership Program, Severstal

  • Denis Butsayev

    Denis Butsayev

    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Investments and Innovations, the Moscow Region

  • Tatiana Bykovskaya

    Tatiana Bykovskaya

    Minister of Healthcare of the Rostov region