Forum Experts 2018

  • Lutfiya Abdulkholikzoda

    Lutfiya Abdulkholikzoda

    Rector, Institute of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan

  • Konstantin Abramov

    Konstantin Abramov

    General Director, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center Foundation

  • Mikhail Abyzov

    Mikhail Abyzov

    Minister of the Russian Federation

  • Alexander Adamskiy

    Alexander Adamskiy

    Academic Director, Eureka Institute

  • Bator Aduchiev

    Bator Aduchiev

    Member, Committee on Agrarian Issues, State Duma of the Russian Federation

  • Alexander Afanasiev

    Alexander Afanasiev

    Head, Board, Moscow Stock Exchange

  • Sergey Afanasyev

    Sergey Afanasyev

    Deputy Chairman, Board, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

  • Sergey Afontsev

    Sergey Afontsev

    Head, Economic Theory Division, Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations, the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Abel Aganbegyan

    Abel Aganbegyan

    Head, Department of Economic Theory and Policy, RANEPA; Academician, the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Elena Agapova

    Elena Agapova

    Director, Centre of Competition Policy and Public Contracts Development, RANEPA

  • Esko Aho

    Esko Aho

    Executive Chairman, Board, East Office of Finnish Industries; Consultative Partner, Nokia Corporation; Prime Minister of Finland (1991-1995)

  • Marwan Akar

    Marwan Akar

    Vice-President, Managing Director, MSD Russia

  • Alsu Akhmetshina

    Alsu Akhmetshina

    Director, Higher School of Business, Kazan Federal University

  • Mikhail Akim

    Mikhail Akim

    Vice-President, ABB Russia; Head, Working Groups for Modernization and Innovations, Advisory Council for Foreign Investments and AEB

  • Maxim Akimov

    Maxim Akimov

    First Deputy Chief, Government Staff of the Russian Federation

  • Anatoliy Aksakov

    Anatoliy Aksakov

    Chairman, Financial Market Committee, State Duma of the Russian Federation

  • Elena Aksenova

    Elena Aksenova

    Director, RusHydro Corporate University

  • Mikhail Alashkevich

    Mikhail Alashkevich

    Head, Public Administration, Center for Strategic Research

  • Ekaterina Aleksandrova

    Ekaterina Aleksandrova

    Director, Business and Commerce Development, The Coca-Cola Company (Russia)

  • Alexey Alexeenko

    Alexey Alexeenko

    Assistant to the Head, Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance

  • Anton Alikhanov

    Anton Alikhanov

    Governor, Kaliningrad Region

  • Guillame Alix

    Guillame Alix

    Managing Director, ETAM Group

  • Giuliano Amato

    Giuliano Amato

    Member, Constitutional Court of Italy; Member, Board of Directors, European Public Law Organization (EPLO); Prime Minister of Italy (1992-1993, 2000-2001)

  • Valeriy Anashvili

    Valeriy Anashvili

    Editor-in-Chief, Gaidar Institute Publishing House

  • Mikhail Andronov

    Mikhail Andronov

    President, Rusenergosbyt

  • Nikita Anisimov

    Nikita Anisimov

    Rector, Far Eastern Federal University

  • Andrey Antonov

    Andrey Antonov

    Deputy Governor for Economics, Tomsk Region

  • Cemal Eren Arbatli

    Cemal Eren Arbatli

    Assistant Professor of Economics, HSE University

  • Ben Aris

    Ben Aris

    Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Business New Europe

  • Anton Arnautov

    Anton Arnautov

    General Director, Fintech Lab

  • Roman Artyukhin

    Roman Artyukhin

    Head, Federal Treasury

  • Andrey Asadov

    Andrey Asadov

    Chairman, National Initiative "Living Cities"; Head, Architecture Office Asadov; Vice President, Union of Architects of Russia

  • Alexander Asmolov

    Alexander Asmolov

    Director, Federal Institute of Education Development

  • Marat Antashev

    Marat Antashev

    Rector, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

  • Alexander Auzan

    Alexander Auzan

    Dean, Department of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Petr Aven

    Petr Aven

    Chairman, Board of Directors, ABH Holdings S.A.