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Russian Railways

Russian Railways

Russian Railways

Open Joint Stock Company Russian Railways is one of the world's largest railway companies, having huge volumes of freight and passenger traffic, high ratings, qualified specialists in all areas of rail, an extensive scientific and technological base, design and construction facilities, and much experience in international cooperation.

Russian Railways were established by the Government of the Russian Federation by resolution no. 585 dated September 18, 2003, "On the Establishment of Joint Stock Company Russian Railways.” The company was created in accordance with the governmental decree of May 18, 2001, no. 384 "On the Program of Structural Reform in Rail Transport" and is a result of the first stage of reform of the railway industry. Russian Railways began operating on October 1, 2003.

The company's mission is to meet the market demand for transportation, improve efficiency and quality of service, and integrate completely into the Eurasian transportation system.

The property of the company was formed through an amendment to the charter capital of Russian Railways on the book value of assets of 987 organizations of the federal railways owned by the state.

The authorized capital of Russian Railways is 2 trillion, 144 billion, 315 million, 141 thousand rubles. It is divided into 2 billion 094 million 315 thousand 141 ordinary shares with a par value of 1000 rubles each and 50 billion preference shares with a par value of 1000 rubles each. The sole shareholder of Russian Railways is the Russian Federation.

There are representative offices in North Korea (Pyongyang), China (Beijing), Poland (Warsaw), Slovakia (Bratislava), Finland (Helsinki), Germany (Berlin), Hungary (Budapest), Estonia (Tallinn), Ukraine (Kiev), Belarus (Minsk), and France (Paris).

Technical characteristics of Russian Railways are as follows:

Russian Railways is one of the largest transportation systems in the world, operating a length of 85 300 km.

Russian Railways provides 45.5% of the total turnover (including pipelines) and 27.8% of passenger traffic in Russia.

Production and economic indicators (based on 2015):

- Loading: 1.214 billion t;

- Turnover: 2.954 trillion t/km;

- Long-distance and suburban passengers: 1 billion 20 million people;

- Passenger turnover: 120.4 billion passengers/km.

Contact information:

2, Novaya Basmannaya str., Moscow, 107174. Tel.: +7 (499) 262-99-01

Fax.: +7 (499) 262-90-95, e-mail: