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RAEX (Expert RA)

RAEX (Expert RA)

RAEX (Expert RA)

RAEX (Expert RA) is the largest rating agency in Russia with a 19-year experience. RAEX (Expert RA) is the leader in rating assignment, as well as research and communication activities.

RAEX (Expert RA) is included in the Bank of Russia’s register of credit rating agencies.

Currently, the agency assigned over 600 individual ratings. The rating agency holds the 1st place after assigning about 42% of the total number of ratings in Russia, as well as the 1st place in the number of ratings, relating to banks, insurance and leasing companies, pension funds, microfinance institutions, guarantee funds and non-financial sector.

RAEX (Expert RA) ratings are listed in requisitions for banks, insurers, pension funds, issuers. The agency ratings are used in tendering processes by the RF Central Bank and Vnesheconombank, Moscow Exchange, Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending, Deposit Insurance Agency, professional associations and self-regulatory organizations (All-Russian Insurance Association, Association “Russia”, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Russian Association of Motor Insurers, National Association of Pension Funds, National League of Management Companies, National Insurance Group, National Finance Association) and hundreds of other companies and authorities.