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Phoenix Satellite Television

Phoenix Satellite Television

Phoenix Satellite Television is a Hong Kong-based Chinese television broadcaster aiming to promote a free flow of information to the Chinese communities around the world. Since its launch on 31 March 1996, Phoenix Satellite Television has transformed into a transnational multi-media group involving in multi-business fronts, including television, website, magazine, outdoor LED, radio broadcasting and TV dramas.

With six different channels — Phoenix Chinese Channel, Phoenix InfoNews Channel, Phoenix Hong Kong Channel, Phoenix Movies Channel, Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Channel in Europe, and Phoenix North America Chinese Channel — Phoenix TV covers more than 150 countries over the world and has 25 work stations around the globe. It was listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s Growth Enterprise Market in 2000 and moved to the main board in 2008. In 2011, Phoenix New Media, subsidiary of Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Ltd., launched its IPO in New York Stock Exchange.